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Students of acknowledged Universities in the area of A&A or in other areas relevant to A&A are welcome to become members to EL.IN.A.AS and contribute to the Institute's mission.
Members may participate in events organised by EL.IN.A.AS and in specialised research projects in the area of A&A.
As a member of EL.IN.A.AS, you provide us the energy to continue our mission while we provide you the benefits of knowledge and experience.

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  Our Mission - Goal

The mission of EL.IN.A.AS is to contribute to the development of Aeronautics and Astronautics (A&A) in Greece and abroad.

The basic principles of EL.IN.A.AS are:
1. To promote scientific knowledge and training in the area of A&A.

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  Organisation chart

The Board of Directors of EL.IN.A.AS comprises the following members:

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